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It’s All About Preparation: 2nights Dinner from the Market: Roasted Lamb with Potatoes & Veggies (Taken with instagram)

The 5th Beatle

brotherly love with bears, L:Paco & R:Luka Francisco & Lucas

Francisco (the big brother) is 2,692 days old, while Lucas (the little brother) is 66 days old. I can already tell these two will share a deep love for the Beatles, will love to play outside and will most definitely gang up on mummy for staying over their favorite aunt’s house. 

Heineken Girls on bus Green Men

LenZ at work with Heineken at San Sebastian Festival, Puerto Rico 2012

Meet baby Lucas who was born on 11/11/11. I can’t wait to see which Beatle will be his favorite.

yesterday my day was brighten by a very fun session with baby Sebastian, who brighten my day with his enchanting eyes and unforgettable smile. He is such a happy boy.

Lenz Lamb Bolognese (Taken with instagram)

Ewan (Taken with instagram)

every now & then…look up (Taken with instagram)

morning run (Taken with instagram)

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